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The Whatever-Is-In-The-Fridge Casserole

I woke up this morning with instructions from my dear wife to make blueberry muffins. She did her part by providing cream and blueberries, so it is pretty much imperative that I do mine and make them; but when you have just blueberry muffins for breakfast, you set yourself up for a really bad trip later in the morning when the sugar is gone.

To head this off at the pass, I decided to make something to counterbalance. But, we haven’t been to the store in earnest so I gathered stuff that we had. Three little potatos, I peeled and grated. I mixed them up with some salt and a little flour. Then, I found the tail end of a ham and part of an onion. They went in the mix. Where there’s onion, there ought to be garlic, but all I had was dried, so in went some of that. I put the mix  in a little casserole dish in two layers. Between the layers and on top I put the tag ends of a container of parmesan cheese, some colby that was… mature but not bad, the last piece of Swiss. The muffins had to bake at 400 deg F so that’s where my casserole baked.

It turned out fragrant and pretty, but I am not sure how much the hame agrees with the onions. It did have the desired effect of preventing sugar trouble, and the bonus effect of using up stuff I didn’t want to throw out, but couldn’t really use.

Bottom line: meh.


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